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Destroyers Saga Ep. V News

2013-11-30 14:59:28 by goldnerz

Hey guys,

Good news, animation is 95% complete (and it's looking really good). Next comes sound mixing and lip syncing. Composer Cimba will provide a large part of the score and the rest will be found through the audio portal.

Hitting a Christmas deadline would be ideal, but realistically I'm looking at early January. Keep checking in for updates, hopefully there's only one more.

Enjoy the holidays,


Destroyers Saga Ep. V News


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2013-12-01 16:58:16

Any serious animation/art changes from the previous titles?

goldnerz responds:

Yup. There's updated character models for Orrin and Lyriel (and others...). I'm also playing a ton with shadows and depth-of-field, giving the whole thing a really cinematic feel. Check out this shot:


2013-12-02 08:52:53

A definate improvement